Great Books Program

Great Books Program
It is Veritas’ firm belief that it is not enough to simply teach children to read; we must give them something worth reading. Our Great Books Program is specifically designed to expose our students to the best in literary classics. Our students engage with high quality texts through novels, read alouds, and outside reading.
Students will read one classic from the list and then a free choice has to be at the required reading level.  Accelerated Reader (AR) points are still required per grade level.  
Lower School Required AR Points and Reading Levels
  • 1st Grade: 2 points (0.5 level and above)
  • 2nd Grade: 4 points (1.5 level and above)
  • 3rd Grade: 6 points (2.5 level and above)
  • 4th Grade: 8 Points (3.5 level and above
Middle School Required AR Points: 10 points
Middle School Required Reading Levels:
  • 5th Grade: 4.5 and above
  • 6th Grade:  5.5 and above
  • 7th Grade: 6.0 and above
  • 8th Grade: 7.0 and above
Middle School Reading Level minimums may adjust 0.5, but if the teacher allows a one-point level deduction, then it is considered a modification.