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AR is used by Veritas in order to instill in the hearts and minds of our students the habit but also the love of reading. Students may read any book that interests them as long as it is at their grade level or one grade below.

The AR Book Finder link below gives you the level and points of any book that students may take an AR test on.

Students will read one classic from the Great Books Program list for their grade level and then a free choice has to be at the required reading level.  Accelerated Reader (AR) points are still required per grade level.
Lower School AR Guidelines
Required Points and Criteria per Quarter
  • 1st Grade: 2 points (0.5 level and above)
    • One classic book per quarter
  • 2nd Grade: 4 points (1.5 level and above)
    • One classic book per quarter
  • 3rd Grade: 6 points (2.5 level and above)
    • Chapter books only - picture books are not allowed
    • One classic book per quarter
  • 4th Grade: 8 Points (3.5 level and above)
    • Chapter books only - picture books are not allowed
    • One Classic book per quarter
What constitutes a chapter book for progressing readers when selecting a book for my child?
Unlike picture books for beginning readers, a chapter book tells the story primarily through prose, rather than pictures. Unlike books for advanced readers, chapter books contain plentiful illustrations. The name refers to the fact that the stories are usually divided into short chapters, which provide readers with opportunities to stop and resume reading if their attention spans are not long enough to finish the book in one sitting. Chapter books are usually works of fiction of moderate length and complexity.
What constitutes a "classic" book?
Please refer to Veritas’ classics list to select a book based on your child’s reading level.
Additional information: 
  • All tests can only be taken once.
  • All AR tests must be taken at school.
  • The computer keeps track of tests taken by a student over the years and will not allow a student to take the same test twice.
  • Watching the movie instead of reading the book will not help you pass the test!
  • Students earn points based on how well they do on an AR Test, i.e., if a student is required to get 6 points and reads a 6 point book, but does not get all questions on the test correct, they will not get all 6 points. They will have to read another book and take another test to finish getting their required points. 


Middle School AR Guidelines
Required Points per Quarter: 10 points
Minimum Required Reading Levels
  • 5th Grade: 4.5 and above
  • 6th Grade:  5.5 and above
  • 7th Grade: 6.0 and above
  • 8th Grade: 7.0 and above
Middle School Reading Level minimums may adjust 0.5, but if the teacher allows a one-point level deduction, then it is considered a modification.

Rationale: Research shows that reading ability is a key factor in academic success. With Accelerated Reader, students earn points based on the number of pages they read and their comprehension of those pages. Everyone who reads an average of 20-30 minutes per day, or 2-3 hours per weekend, can earn 10 points in a quarter.

Point Requirements: Students in grades 5-8 must earn 10 AR points per quarter. Points Possible x % of Questions Correct = Points Earned. (i.e. 6.0 pts. x 60% correct = 3.6 pts.) The AR system does not give credit for scores below a 60%. Points earned beyond the required 10 will carry over to the next quarter.  

Point deadlines: Summer, fall, winter, and spring each count as one quarter. Points are due by the last day of each quarter.  Total points x 10 = Test Grade (i.e. 8.6 earned points x 10 = an 86%). Extra points do not roll over.

Level Requirements: AR reading levels are based on vocabulary and sentence complexity, not on book length or content.  Use to check the availability and reading level of any book.

Content: All books on the Veritas Great Books list and in the Veritas library have been screened for quality content.  Naturally, as the reading level increases, the maturity of the content also increases.  When students are making their own literary selection, their AR book must have the designation of MG (Middle Grades appropriate) unless it is on the Great Books list (i.e. is considered a high school literary classic).

A way to check the content of a public library or bookstore selection is to use  MG = appropriate for Middle Grades.  UG = appropriate for high school.  

What if my book is not an AR book, or is a lower reading level? 
Students are welcome to read and re-read their childhood favorites once goals are met. However, books below the minimum reading level will not count toward point goals, and students who regularly test on books below the minimum levels will not receive a 100.



This program allows you to log in and view your child's progress in Accelerated Reader and Accelerated Math. The Home Connect link below requires username and password to login to your child's account. Username and password will be provided to you by your child's homeroom teacher for grades 1 through 4 and to the middle school students for grades 5 through 8. While you and your child can view reading progress from home, your child will only be able to take quizzes on campus. For more detailed information on the program you may visit the Renaissance Learning website by following the link below . When you select "Accelerated Reader" from this web page, you will see useful links such as parent guides for AR BookFinder and Renaissance Home Connect.(download some of those documents on the right).  The Renaissance Home Connect program can be accessed from a web browser on any computer, tablet, phone, or other device that has Internet access.

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