Visual Arts

Visual Arts

At Veritas, fine arts is an integral part of the school’s classical curriculum.  Weekly classes in the studio provide an opportunity for each student in our school to reapply their knowledge and express what s/he is learning in history, math, literature, Chapel and the sciences in their own personal creative voice. 

Students explore the art and techniques of ancient civilizations and the Renaissance, as well as modern movements in 20th century art, including 21stcentury art and the current use of technology to express the human story.  Instruction in the formal elements of art are presented to students at age appropriate levels.  These include color mixing and theory, line, shape, form, composition, perspective, 2 and 3d design, chiaroscuro and narrative/communicative aspects of visual art.

These techniques are utilized to create a wide array of art projects that include drawing, painting, sculpture, assemblage, collage, etching, printmaking, pottery, animated film shorts and photography.

The art studio at Veritas is a place of discovery and risk taking.  Art lessons are designed at age appropriate levels to give students the opportunity to practice deeper level thinking skills.  Creative problem solving and critical thinking skills are used daily in both individual as well as group collaborative projects.  The studio is a safe and appropriate place for young minds to learn how to fail at something and persevere past that point to find new and unexpected ways to solve problems, both individually and as part of a team.

Exposure to many genres of art and music are a daily occurrence in the Veritas studio.  Classical, opera, world, jazz and ambient music inspires students daily in the studio as they create their work.  Through the amazing process of creativity, we are reminded of God’s abundant love, generosity and majesty. 

The work of our students has been exhibited throughout the Houston area, including the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.  Our students consistently receive top prizes at the ACSI Art Festival. We are very proud of our award-winning art department!