Uniform and Policy


Uniform & Policy

A detailed list of specific clothing items from our present uniform supplier, Academic Outfitters, may be obtained by visiting Academic Outfitters Website or at the local store below.

Academic Outfitters

Please click here to view a PDF of our school uniforms.

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Uniform Policy & Dress Code


Uniform Policy


General Rationale

  • Pressures felt by children to compete in areas of dress are destructive to the unity of the school and the body of Christ.
  • Our children are serving as witnesses and ambassadors both for the Lord Jesus Christ and the school. Student appearance is a reflection of both.

Specific Rationale

  • Uniforms are a positive aspect of the school and Veritas emphasizes the value of a disciplined learning environment. Just as dressing up, even wearing uniforms, is a part of the workday for parents, wearing a school uniform is a signal to the child that it is time for hard work and studious activity.
  • Uniforms prevent problems associated with the subjective interpretation of a dress code policy. Uniforms will eliminate any confusion about what is acceptable, modest, and appropriate by the school's standards.
  • Uniforms tend to decrease the cost of student clothing. Our uniform vendor, Mills Wear, provides durable items. Often parents need only purchase two or three sets of uniforms to last throughout the school year and often these items can be handed down to other children.

Dress Code

  • Shirts are to be tucked in at all times. Belts are mandatory for boys.
  • Make-up and excessive jewelry are not permitted. Earrings are not permitted on boys. Girls' earrings are limited to studs (no dangling earrings). Nail polish, if worn, must be clear.
  • Jewelry in pierced body parts, with the exception of earrings for girls, is not permitted.
  • All students must keep their hair neatly groomed and conservatively styled.
  • Only Veritas outerwear coats and jackets are acceptable.
  • Any outlandish or distracting clothing, jewelry, make-up, hairstyle, or appearance will not be permitted. This decision will be at the discretion of the Administration.
  • Dark colored dress shoes are to be worn on chapel days (they need to be closed, with no open toe); tennis shoes (non bright neon colored) may be worn all other days. All shoes, however, need to be closed-toe and closed-heel.  (No boots, flip-flops or sandals.)
  • Only plain, white or navy socks (any cut) may be worn.
  • Skirts have to be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee.
  • Every student is required to have a Veritas classic navy T-Shirt that will be used at field trips in certain instances.