Cultural Expeditions Program

Our Cultural Expeditions Program (CEP) provides students with the opportunity to explore and grow in their understanding through an integrated curriculum of history, art, and travel. At Veritas, we want students to experience the world outside the classroom firsthand, not just through books and pictures. Students explore what is first most familiar to them during the Texas History trip before moving on to more prominent historical cities within the United States - Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York, and Boston.  Lastly, the travel education experience culminates in the capstone London and Oxford trip.  Through the CEP, students are challenged to look at the complex world they live in through new eyes.  With the integration of a service ministry opportunity and full immersion into the varying cities' cultures, our students develop independence, critical thinking, and most importantly, benevolence.  The program captures students’ imagination, initiates them in travel education, and creates unforgettable memories.

Texas State House
San Antonio, Fredericksburg, and Austin
Fifth Grade
Our annual Texas History Trip is a three-day crash course in San Antonio and Austin, where students learn distinctives of our state's history, culture, and influential historical figures. Students relive the famous Battle of the Alamo as they explore where the revolutionaries made their fateful last stand, and then later in the trip tour the Capitol Building and visit both houses of the Texas Legislature. This trip is intended to be a first-hand encounter of Texas state history, and for students to learn about the events that 
have shaped our state an
d made it unique.

Washington, DC and Charlottesville, VA
Sixth Grade
As a part of our Cultural Expeditions Program at Veritas Christian Academy, we believe that giving students the opportunity to explore and grow in their understanding of their own culture, its history, and their nation’s capital is essential to developing their understanding of civic duty and their identity as U.S. citizens. This trip is intended to immerse our students in the functions of our federal government and nation’s history, and to experience one of the most important cities of the world.

Philadelphia, New York, and Boston
Philadelphia, New York, and Boston
Seventh Grade
The Philadephia, New York, and Boston Trip is a continuation of exploring the history of our nation. Students will visit various sites which will touch on the history of the Revolutionary War, places that made America into the melting pot it is today, the bedrock of our financial institution, and our recent history at the 9/11 Memorial.

London and Oxford
London and Oxford
Eighth Grade
We consider our annual London Trip the capstone experience to a Veritas education. Giving students the opportunity to explore and grow in their understanding of other cultures is a unique educational experience. International travel enhances students' global awareness and appreciation for cultural differences and diversity. Every March, our eighth graders spend one-week crisscrossing London to take in its culture and history. We visit famous historical landmarks such as St. Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, and Oxford University. Overall, the London Trip is a hands-on educational experience par excellence.