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Preschool at Veritas
Ages 3 - 4
A nurturing Christ-centered program planting seeds to take root, grow, and thrive Your child is at a stage where they’re developing at a rapid pace, absorbing so much all around them all the time — from language and mannerisms to reasoning and problem-solving. That’s why it’s so important they are in an engaging environment that will positively influence them while cultivating their social, cognitive, and spiritual growth. At our private Christian preschool serving Greater Houston, we integrate academic and developmental needs into all activities, helping you raise well-mannered children of character and faith who are kindergarten-ready.
Here is a brief overview of what you can expect from our Classical preschool program.

Classical Education Foundations

The learning environment at Veritas
Preschool is the initial step into formal schooling and an introduction to what’s known as the Grammar stage of a Classical education. During this time, our goal is to motivate your child to enjoy learning as we help them memorize and recite content, develop organizational skills, take accountability for their actions, and demonstrate positive classroom etiquette. We will also walk alongside you and equip you to raise your child with a strong Christian faith, integrating God’s Truth and beauty throughout all instructional areas.
Here are just a few of the features parents appreciate most about our Classical preschool program:
  • Faith focus: Your child will be taught what it means to know Jesus and live for Him, as they hear Bible stories, memorize Scripture, and learn about biblical figures.
  • Balance of play and academics: Students benefit from imaginative play and small group instruction, which complement classroom lessons and enhance learning.
  • Motor skills development: Writing and craft activities promote fine motor skills, while age-appropriate playground equipment and activities help with gross motor movements.
  • Experiential learning: Your child will engage all their senses as they learn in and out of the class, such as with hands-on science experiments and a fun zoo field trip.

Preschool Program Schedules

With our focus on kindergarten readiness, you’ll find that children in our preschool programs excel beyond what you would experience in a conventional daycare setting. Depending on whether your child is three or four years old, you’ll have the flexibility to choose between the following program options, offered at the Pre-K 3 and Pre-K 4 levels.
  • 5 Half Days: 8 a.m. - 12 p.m.
  • 5 Full Days: 8 a.m. - 3:15 p.m.
  • 3 Full Days: (Tues., Wed., Thurs.)

Extended Care

Our doors open at 7 a.m. for early drop-off, available at no additional fee. We also offer an after-school program, which provides preschool children with an opportunity for extra play. They’ll enjoy snack time, art activities, and free play.
  • After-Care Hours: 3:45 p.m. – 6 p.m. (3-Day or 5-Day Program)
  • Daily Drop-In Rate: $25
  • Monthly Rate: $250*
  • Late Fee: $1 per minute after 6 p.m.
* Flat fee regardless of absences and automatically added to tuition through FACTS
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Meet a Teacher

Sandy Mashni
Name: Sandy Mashni
Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics, University of Houston - Downtown
Experience: 20+ Years in Teaching
"The Veritas culture allows for the opportunity to cultivate a relationship with Jesus that is also reflected in my classroom. Working with young minds allows me to contribute positively to their development and growth, akin to nurturing seeds within their hearts, souls, and minds on a daily basis. My passion lies in challenging students to achieve excellence academically, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, all for the glory of God."

Veritas was the right setting for our daughters to develop their potential. They thrived learning not only classical disciplines but also computer skills, fine arts, and sports, all within a culture consistent with a biblical worldview. This foundation enabled admittance to the colleges of their choice, including Berkeley and the University of Texas engineering and honors programs. We continue to support Veritas because of the unique opportunity it provides Christian families for their child’s formative years.
- Veritas Parent


Several of our learning centers are geared toward specific lessons and are intended to reinforce weekly instruction. Other centers are designed to help children develop social skills as they learn to communicate with classmates, share ideas, and express emotions. Your child will have the chance to participate in table activities as well as centers for writing, reading, art, building blocks, kitchen/dress-up, and free play, which enrich classroom learning.  
At this stage, your child will discover the alphabet, short vowel words, and classical literature, as well as hear nursery rhymes and poetry, encouraging a love of reading. They’ll also begin learning the French language through songs and basic vocabulary. Through STEAM activities, they will learn numbers, counting, sorting, and spatial awareness. Preschoolers also explore social studies units and have fun learning about God’s creation, including weather, nature, animals, habitats, and more.
Various art genres and artistic elements are combined with early math and science concepts, allowing students to explore lines, colors, symmetry, patterns, 2D/3D shapes, and contrast.  Preschoolers are also introduced to classical music to broaden their appreciation for the arts. Additionally, creative problem-solving and cause and effect are infused into art-making experiences, encouraging deeper thinking and analysis. 
At this age, children are eager to move around. At Veritas, we harness this energy and create an environment that fosters a love of learning. This interactive class promotes sensory integration and helps students become aware of their body positioning, movements, and reflexes. It’s also designed to improve music aptitude, motor coordination, social learning skills, and language acquisition.

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