Why Veritas?

Veritas is an independent Christian school in the classical tradition that prepares students for lives of service and learning through academic excellence, character development, biblical literacy, and intentional engagement opportunities.
Core Values
In pursuit of its mission, the Veritas community is guided by five core values. Our core values represent the philosophical commitments of our community; these values are reflected in our past and guide our commitment to the future. The core values of Veritas embody the promises made for our students’ development.
Academic Excellence
Veritas embraces a history of excellence in academic achievement. We are committed to challenging our students to their highest potential in academics and stretching their intellectual boundaries, seeking to model and impart the virtues of inquiry, preparation, and discipline, in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding.
Character Formation
Veritas educates holistically, both character and mind. Moral formation and mature behavior are of equal value with the acquisition of knowledge. We are committed to developing students’ hearts and minds, seeking to instill in them both knowledge and Christian values.
Biblical Literacy
Veritas seeks to shape our students’ thinking through scripture both by understanding biblical content and through a deeper awareness of its meaning and ethical application. We believe that our students’ minds are informed and fashioned through Christian studies and by mastering core competencies of the Bible.

Classical Foundation
Veritas is committed to a classical pedagogy to develop our students’ intellectual abilities and assist them to acquire the skills for good scholarship. The principles of classical thought inform and guide the school in its curricular aims to prepare our students for success beyond Veritas.

Intentional Engagement
Veritas values providing a variety of engagement opportunities, both curricular and co-curricular, for the development of each student. The classroom, the playing field, travel exposure, fine arts integration, and community service are all part of the laboratory of learning for Veritas students.