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Jami's Fine Foods is our lunch provider for the 2021-2022 Academic Year. 

They offer students, parents, faculty, and staff healthy and nutritious pre-packaged meals. Lunch menus vary per month so check the menu often. Lunches will not include a beverage.


First, create an account for
  1. Go to
  2. Select Texas for the state and Jami's Fine Foods as the district.
  3. Register for your account by filling out all required information.
  4. Add students to your account by filling out student information including school and any allergens.
How to Order:
  1. Plan your meal by looking at meal details and selecting between three daily entrees, including a vegan or sandwich option. When ready to place your order click ‘Add to Cart’ and pay online. The cutoff is Friday for following week.
  2. After selecting, if you would like to remove something, click 'Remove from Cart'.  To continue to checkout, click the 'Checkout' button in the top right corner.
  3. The order summary will show the meals you have chosen and the total amount due. Click 'Place Order' to proceed to adding your online payment method.
  4. Add a credit card to pay your order total. A card can be saved for future purchases as a faster order option.
***Please note that if a child is absent, there is an unexpected school closure, or an act of God occurs, there will be no refunds***
Lunch Menus are on


A Message from our Caterer

Welcome to a new experience with Jami’s Fine Foods! I am really excited to join the Veritas Team and am looking forward to bringing quality food, along with high-quality service to the students .
Jami’s Fine Foods was established in 1984 in the Bellaire community and is an integral part of the local market. Our catering company has been serving the Houston area for 37 years and has a constant presence throughout the
community. Our varied experiences include:
  • creating personalized menus for clients
  • working with schools
  • participate in farmers markets
  • serving the Colonial Park Pool clientele
Thank you for choosing Jami’s Fine Foods to provide a healthy and nutritious meal for the students. I am anticipating the upcoming school year!
Questions? Call (713) 661-5264 or email [email protected]