Financial Aid


Veritas Christian Academy offers tuition assistance based on financial need to current and incoming families.

The Veritas Financial Aid Program has a two-fold purpose: to provide deserving students with an opportunity for an education they might otherwise not be able to have and to provide Veritas with a well-qualified student body reflecting social and economic diversity.

Veritas demonstrates its commitment to need-based financial aid by providing a portion of the school's budget to fund the financial needs of its students. Veritas is committed to providing financial aid to as many students as possible; however, families bear the primary responsibility for financing education to the extent that they are able.

To be eligible for financial aid at Veritas, a family must demonstrate financial need. FAST (Aid for School Tuition) will conduct the financial need analysis. Families applying for financial aid must complete an application online using the FAST link above and upload supporting documentation to FAST.


Family Assistance Fund for COVID-19
Dear Veritas Families:
Last week, we shared that our Board of Trustees approved the Family Assistance Fund to help Veritas families who have been financially affected due to the pandemic.  While we do not yet know what the full impact of COVID-19 will have on our city and nation, we are very mindful of the economic effects this may have on our families.
Our goal and commitment is to ensure no child is denied a Veritas education due to financial constraints and to help move us through this crisis with the least disruption to our lives as possible.  Again, if your family has been impacted due to COVID-19, please reach out to us. 
To apply for the Family Assistance Fund, click here.
Veritas Family Assistance Fund
The Program and Fund were established in April 2020 to assist families of students enrolled in Veritas who have suffered financial hardship as a result of (1) damage to a primary residence and/or loss due to a “disaster” declared by the Governor of the State of Texas and/or the President of the United States or (2) certain other qualifying unavoidable circumstances that create an economic hardship.  The Program and the Fund are not intended to, and will not, provide assistance for chronic or ongoing financial problems.   
  • Committee: The Family Assistance Fund Review Committee membership is appointed as described in the procedure below.
  • Disaster Event: An event declared as a “disaster” by the Governor of the State of Texas and/or the President of the United States.  
  • Eligible Applicant: A Veritas family, with one or more students actively enrolled in Veritas.  Family member applying must be the guarantor of the student’s account. 
  • Hardship: Loss of employment or household income, or significant expenses incurred in connection with a Disaster Event.    
  1. Eligibility Criteria
    1. To be eligible to receive assistance from the Fund, an individual must satisfy all of the following criteria:   
      1. Must be an eligible Applicant.
      2. Must have a need that qualifies as a Hardship. 
      3. Must have proof of unemployment or reduction in income and/or extraordinary expenses resulting from the Disaster Event.
  1. Application
    1. Applications must be submitted to FAST, the financial aid application processor. A link to the application is available on the Veritas website.
    2. Proof of hardship shall be verified by documentation uploaded to FAST by the Eligible Applicant, or by other means as deemed appropriate.  In addition, an Eligible Applicant who is requesting assistance as a result of Hardship will be required to quantify the impact on his/her family household income due to the hardship.
    3. Need will be described and quantified by the Eligible Applicant in the School Specific questions section of the FAST application. 
    4. FAST will verify that the application is complete and all required documentation has been uploaded.  After verification, FAST’s algorithm, adjusted for the amounts provided in 2.c. and verified by the supporting documentation uploaded, will quantify the tuition assistance needed.
  1. Application Approval
    1. The Committee will confirm whether the application meets the needed criteria for receipt of assistance from the Fund.  
    2. The Committee will approve or deny the financial aid grant based on a review of the FAST analysis.  The Committee may request additional information to assist the Committee in its review. 
    3. The Family Assistance Fund Program Coordinator will notify the Eligible Applicant of the Committee’s decision.  
    4. An Eligible Applicant may request one appeal of the Committee’s decision if he/she is able to provide new or additional information regarding his/her application.  In order to be considered, requests for appeal must be submitted in FAST within thirty (30) days from the date on which the Eligible Applicant was notified of the Committee’s decision.  The decision of the Committee on appeal will be final. 
  1. Committee Membership
    1. The Head of School will appoint members to the Committee.
    2. Committee members will be drawn from the staff of Veritas.  Pursuant to Internal Revenue Service guidance, a majority of the members of the Committee are persons who are not in a position to have substantial influence over Veritas. 
  1. Assistance Award
    1. Eligible applicants, approved by the Committee, will receive a credit towards tuition up to 50% in a given academic school year. 
    2. Given the finite amount of funds, it is possible that not all eligible and approved assistance applications can be funded, even though there may be a clear need for assistance.  If funding is not available for approved applications, the requests may be pended for providing assistance until funding becomes available.  
    3. The Veritas financial staff will be informed of the credit to be applied to the student’s account.  
    4. Approved funds are approved and allocated on a six-month basis only.
  1. Funding
    1. The funding mechanism and maintenance of the Fund will be managed by the Veritas Director of Finance.
    2. Tax-deductible donations to the Fund will be solicited from the membership of Veritas and other community supporters.  Designated donations for the Fund should be documented as such in the Veritas accounting system.  
  1. Confidentiality
    1. All documents, applications, and information relating to the Program are strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone other than Veritas employees who have a need to know such information as part of their work responsibilities unless required by law.

Financial Aid FAQ's

The analysis provided by FAST is reviewed by the Veritas Financial Aid Committee and serves as a guideline in making prayerful Financial Aid decisions.
Financial Aid awards are grants funded by a tithe of Veritas Christian Academy's annual operating budget and do not require repayment.
No. Financial Aid awards are made after the student is admitted and enrolled. Veritas accepts students based on academic merit, test scores, references, and personal qualities.
Anyone may apply.
Families must apply for Financial Aid each year.
Families are to submit only one application for the family.
The first group of financial aid awards will be made from applications received and fully processed by FAST by March 1. Families will be notified in March. Applications received after March 1 will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis.
If your circumstances change, please contact the school office. The financial aid committee will review the new information and determine whether to submit the new information to FAST. Additional financial aid granted will be based on your need and our remaining resources.
Please see the FAST financial aid application for specific instructions.
Financial Aid covers tuition only.
To qualify for financial aid, students must maintain a 70 (D) grade average in all subjects and an S (Satisfactory) conduct grade on each report card. Financial aid will be removed following a report card on which these levels are not maintained. Financial aid will be restored following a grading period in which these levels are reestablished.
Determinations will be made in March for applications submitted to FAST by March 1. Thereafter, determinations will be made as information is received.
Applicants may apply online by clicking on the FAST link above. Detail information about the process of applying for financial aid and a list of the financial records that will be required for completion of the form is included in the FAST Parent User Guide.