Cultural Expeditions Program (CEP) highlighted in SAIS Magazine

Veritas' Cultural Expeditions Program (CEP) is unique to the middle school experience.  Beginning in 5th grade until their 8th grade graduation, students begin to embark on an annual travel education program that incorporates history, art, architecture, and higher educational exposure.  Annually, students will travel to the following destinations:
  • 5th Grade - Texas History Trip: San Antonio, Austin, and Fredericksburg
  • 6th Grade - Washington, DC and Charlottesville, VA
  • 7th Grade - New York, NY and Boston, MA
  • 8th Grade - London and Oxford, UK
The travel itinerary in the CEP allows students to richly experience each destination, providing an in-depth look at various sites in each city they visit.  Students also tour each destination with a knowledgeable guide, who provides insight that delves deeper into the culture of that city.  Ultimately, the CEP allows students to experience first-hand, places that they are merely reading about in their studies. 
To read the article about the CEP in the SAIS Fall 2018 Magazine by Christina Mimms, click on the link below. Source: SAIS Fall 2018 Magazine
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