Art Teacher Terry Flores is awarded $55,000 for her start-up "ArtPark"

Ms. Flores had a dream to serve underprivileged children of Houston by providing a mobile art studio, ArtPark, which will provide free summer enrichment in order to reduce knowledge loss that often occurs during summer break.
In a recent interview that was highlighted in The Houston Chronicle, Ms. Flores says, "I've had this dream and this vision for a long time, but it never seemed possible. I didn't know how I'd ever do it, and then Project Flourish came along."
Project Flourish is a social initiative within First Presbyterian Church of Houston with the goal of connecting gospel-minded entrepreneurs to the social, intellectual, and financial capital of the church.  To learn more about Project Flourish click here, and to read The Houston Chronicle's article about Project Flourish and the award given to Ms. Flores for ArtPark click here.
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