Fine Art Festival Results

 The Fine Arts Festival showcases artwork from various schools in varying medias.  Veritas students in 3rd-8th grades are first judged in-house and if chosen are then entered into the ACSI Fine Arts Festival.  Here are how Veritas students placed:
Middle School (5th-8th grades)
Luke Johnson - 1st Place, Superior (Photography)
Sara Asteriou - 1st Place, Superior (Paper Art)
Olivia Nicholas - Excellent (Painting)
Virginia Fairfield - Excellent (Painting)
Catherine Fenz - Excellent (Painting)
Andrew Kern - Good (Sculpture)
Lower School (3rd and 4th grades)
Joseph Johnson - 2nd Place, Superior (Photography)
Daniel Breitenwischer - Excellent (Mixed Media)
Alexis Ninan - Good (Drawing - Black/White)
Mila Veeningen - Good (Drawing - Black/White)
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