Middle and Lower School Speech Meet Results

Elementary Speech Meet (1st-5th grades)

1st grade
Eliana McCants - Bronze, Superior ribbon 
Zoe McCants - Superior ribbon 
Ethan Wade - Bronze  Superior ribbon
Adonijah Sergeant - Excellent ribbon 
2nd grade
Layla Yaltho - Excellent ribbon 
Luke Robinson - Excellent ribbon 
Sarah Delgado - Bronze Superior ribbon
David Fremion - Excellent ribbon 
Fable and Folklore 
Nahla Lewis - Excellent ribbon 
Elizabeth Holloway - Excellent ribbon 

3rd grade
Kate Mejia - Good ribbon 
Alexis Ninan - Excellent ribbon 
Zion Beason - Silver, Superior ribbon 
4th grade
Alexis Burkhead - Gold, Superior ribbon 

Joseph Johnson - Gold, Superior ribbon 
Fable and Folklore
Avani Yaltho - Excellent ribbon 
5th Grade
Mirabelle Streger - Excellent ribbon 

Middle School Speech Meet (6th-7th grades)

6th grade
Lucy Sidarous - Bronze in Humorous Reading
Ellie Arrazolo - Silver in Dramatic Poetry and Superior in Humorous Reading
Christian Ninan - Excellent in Bible Memorization and Application
Luke Johnson - Bronze in Bible Memorization and Application
Ellie Veeningen - Silver in Costumed Humorous Monologue
Ava Ferris - Excellent in Dramatic Reading
7th grade
Tiara Blake - Excellent in Dramatic Reading
Maria Adenekan - Silver in Bible Memorization and Application
Alyssa Landry - Excellent in Costumed Dramatic Monologue
Virginia Fairfield - Bronze in Dramatic Poetry
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