Middle School Cultural Expeditions Program Returns to the UK

The capstone trip of Veritas' Cultural Expeditions Program (CEP) is the London and Oxford trip in the United Kingdom.  Through this unique middle school travel education program, starting in fifth grade, Veritas middle school students gain exposure to an integrated experience of history, art, and travel allowing students to experience the world outside of the classroom.  CEP Trips bring to life the words and pictures our students study within their classrooms and in their textbooks.  With the full immersion into each destination city - exploring, utilizing public transportation, and experiencing the various sites - students develop independence and critical thinking skills.  Overall, CEP captures students' imagination, initiates them in travel education, and creates lifelong memories.
The last eighth-grade class to visit the United Kingdom was the class of 2020 just on the heels of the initial shutdowns due to the ensuing global coronavirus pandemic.  From that point forward, the program took a hiatus from traveling abroad.  Two years have passed which limited the school's ability to visit London and Oxford, however, this academic year provided the opportunity for the return of the beloved capstone CEP Trip to London and Oxford!  
Our students take an in-depth tour of various historical and cultural sites within London Town.  Sites include Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, 10 Downing, St. Paul's Cathedral, Tower of London, and many others.  While in the UK, our students also take a day trip to Oxford visiting various colleges associated with the world-renowned Oxford University, such as Christ Church and Magdalen College. 
Cultural Expeditions Program