Veritas Students take 3rd Place in Vocabulary Bowl for Texas Division III!

Veritas Christian Academy kids mastered over 10,000 words this school year to come in 3rd place for the Texas Division III Vocabulary Bowl by, and 16th overall in the state of Texas for all middle schools.  A special recognition to the following students, who had their own achievements that stretched beyond the Vocabulary Bowl season and helped Veritas achieve its standing:
  • James Finch mastered 3,000 words
  • Joshua Alade mastered 2,000 words
  • Jonathan Jacoby mastered 1,200 words
  • Bradley Hanna mastered 1,100 words
  • Ian Ngo mastered 900 words
  • Daniel Breitenwischer mastered 900 words
  • Eden Droog masted 600 words
  • Matthew Mejia mastered 400 words
  • Avani Yaltho mastered 200 words
  • Henry Kearney mastered 200 words
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