The Raad Learning Center is now open!

It was a brisk and cold morning, but a fiery excitement filled the air as students, teachers, parents, and alumni began to fill the courtyard.  Long anticipated, the moment was finally here.  It was time to celebrate and commemorate the newest addition to the Veritas campus.  This was no ordinary opening of a space.  The student learning center has been a long-awaited arrival on our campus.  The center will serve as the educational hub for our students; a space for research and reading, and an area for collaboration.  Even more than this, the student learning center has a namesake of honor.  The student learning center is named after Mrs. Lamia Raad, a founding member of Veritas and Head of School from 2008-2016.  She had graciously poured her heart and soul to our school and provided a strong foundation for which we are able to continue today.  The naming of the center, the pomp and circumstance of the ribbon cutting ceremony, and the many hugs and applauses she received are only but a portion of the tribute that is due her.  The excitement over the Raad Learning Center will continue on as our students begin to use the center and reap the benefits of having such a wonderful space on campus!

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