Great Orators at the ACSI Elementary Speech Meet

The long ride to Summit Christian Academy in Huntsville was well worth it as all of the Veritas participants in this year's Elementary Speech Meet received an Excellent or Superior rating for their various orations.  Students had choices in various genres which included Bible, Fable, Dramatic Prose, Poetry, and Patriotic Oration.  Here are the full results:
First Grade
Haddon - Bronze; Superior (Bible)
Jonathan - Excellent (Bible)
Second Grade
Zoe - Bronze; Superior (Poetry)
Eliana - Excellent (Fable)
Ethan - Gold; Superior (Bible)
Luke - Excellent (Bible)
Grace Marie - Bronze; Superior (Fable)
Third Grade
Charlotte - Gold; Superior (Poetry)
Morgan - Excellent (Bible)
Layla - Excellent (Fable)
Fourth Grade
Kate - Silver; Superior (Poetry)
Zion - Bronze; Superior (Bible)
Fifth Grade
Joseph - Silver; Superior (Bible)
Dane - Silver; Superior (Patriotic Oration)
Daniel - Excellent (Poetry)
Jeremy - Excellent (Dramatic Bible Prose)
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