Spelling Bee was Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

This year, Veritas had a tremendous showing at the District ACSI Spelling Bee which was hosted at First Baptist Academy in Baytown.  Mrs. Wright, who was this year's Spelling Bee coordinator, helped our students practice and prepare for the event.  Of the six participants (one per grade level from 3rd-8th grades), two students finished in the top 4 of the final spell off to qualify for the ASCI Regional Spelling Bee in Plano!  Below is the list of this year's participants
  • Layla Yaltho (3rd grade)
  • Olivia Leung (4th grade): 2nd place for 4th grade
  • Julia Arrazolo (5th grade): 2nd place for 5th grade and 3rd place overall (Regional Qualifier)
  • Matthew Mejia (6th grade): 4th place for 6th grade
  • Viriginia Fairfield (7th grade): 2nd place for 7th grade
  • Maria Adeneken (8th grade): 2nd place for 8th grade and 4th place overall (Regional Qualifier)
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