Continuous Enrollment FAQ's

What is re-enrollment and why do we have to go through it annually?
Veritas leadership begins their planning for the following academic year in the fall and winter each year (so we have already begun planning for 2019-2020). This is done early in order to be prepared to continually fulfill our mission in an excellent manner every year. The plans that are created do not come to fruition until we have completed re-enrollment for the next academic year, which determines personnel, programs, materials, curriculum, and facility usage. Approximately 80% of Veritas’ annual revenue comes from tuition payments; therefore determining the number of students returning year-by-year is very important as we plan for each subsequent academic year. We want to ensure that the investment made with tuition is wisely allocated to provide the best Veritas experience for each individual student, your child.

After this year’s re-enrollment, what will the re-enrollment process look like in subsequent years as Veritas transitions to Continuous Enrollment?
Once you have completed the Continuous Enrollment Contract, you will never have to worry about signing another enrollment contract throughout your child’s education at Veritas. After this year, the typical re-enrollment season (January) will simply be a reminder from the school office to notify us prior to the end of January if you do not intend to return the next academic year.

Will there be a “re-enrollment fee” associated with Continuous Enrollment like previous years?
The fee system that is currently in place for re-enrollment will remain during Continuous Enrollment. The non-refundable Annual Enrollment Registration Fee will be lowered to $100/student or $200/family (maximum for families with two or more students). For each subsequent year, the annual enrollment registration fee will be billed in January for payment in February. Families who do not intend to return the following academic year may cancel the annual enrollment registration fee by January 31st by informing our Enrollment Office in writing of their intention not to return.

Is there a penalty for breaking the Continuous Enrollment contract?
Penalties for breaking the Continuous Enrollment contract will remain as they have in the past. The contract may be cancelled in writing until January 31st with no obligation for tuition payment for the coming academic year.  The school will send reminders of the deadline throughout January.

As an example, you sign the Continuous Enrollment contract in January 2019; your child remains at Veritas for a few years. You find out in December of 2022 that your company is moving you to another part of the country for work in the summer of 2023. You will simply let us know in writing that your child will not be returning to Veritas for the 2023-2024 academic year by January 31, 2023. In doing so, you will not be penalized for breaking the Continuous Enrollment contract. If you inform us after the deadline, penalties will incur.
Will I know the following year’s tuition and fees prior to January?
Yes. The Board of Trustees and Veritas administration will announce any tuition or fee changes in November which will provide ample time to assess the financial commitment of keeping your child at Veritas. Please keep in mind that Veritas offers financial aid to qualifying families who may be facing financial hardship.

Why did Veritas choose to move to Continuous Enrollment?
We chose to move to Continuous Enrollment as a convenience for our families and to simplify the re-enrollment process. This also provides guaranteed placement for your child(ren).