Early Education & Lower School FAQ's

Students will be trained in new safety procedures and proper hygiene throughout the day, including physical distancing.
Hand sanitizer stations have been placed in every classroom and throughout the school. Students, staff, and faculty will have regular, designated times for hand washing and access to hand sanitizer throughout the day.
Veritas will observe new, intensified cleaning protocols for restrooms. There will be frequent restroom breaks throughout the day with limitations on the number of people who can be in the restroom at the same time.
To minimize the risk of infection, students in each homeroom will have a single classroom for learning, and teachers will rotate to those classrooms. Students will remain in those learning cohorts throughout the day.
Students will be required to wear masks when transitioning between classes and when working closer than 6 feet. Students will not need to wear a mask when they are distanced 6 feet or more. Students will need to bring 2 additional masks to keep in their backpack in case they need a new mask. Parents may choose for their child to wear a mask throughout the day.
Students will have individually assigned supplies for their classroom and Art class.
Yes, students will have daily recess. More frequent visits outside will be common this year for students. Students will go to recess in their cohorts. The playground equipment will be sanitized daily as part of enhanced cleaning protocols.  While we are not requiring students to wear masks during recess, parents may choose for their child to do so. Students will have multiple distancing breaks during recess while outside.
Yes, all ancillary classes will continue. Ancillary teachers will rotate to the students’ class. Physical education will continue with new guidelines and safety measures in place.