Middle School FAQ's

This school year, teachers will rotate, and students will remain in their classrooms. The only classes students will visit are P.E., Art, and Band/Choir. For these classes, students will have their own materials, and the classroom will be disinfected after each class following CDC guidelines.

Students will be allowed to use lockers due to their outside location, staggered locker times, and physical distancing requirements.  Locker times have been staggered to comply with physical distancing requirements.

In order to focus on reopening school and the safety challenges presented by transportation of all middle schoolers, Middle School Orientation has been canceled for the 2020/2021 school year and fees associated with the orientation will be credited to your FACTS account.
We know that the Cultural Expeditions Program experience is central to the Middle School experience at Veritas. We are committed to offering our CEP trips should circumstances improve this year. At this time, all trips have been postponed to the second semester. More information will be forthcoming.
Middle School students will continue to meet with their advisors once a week maintaining the same safety protocols. Student Council, Thespian, and FCA will be offered virtually until further notice.
Our new arrival and dismissal times for grade levels are as follows:
  • Arrival for all Middle School students - 7:35-7:45 AM
  • Dismissal
    • 7th & 8th grade - 3:35-3:45 PM
    • 5th & 6th grade - 3:45-3:55 PM
Families with siblings may arrive and dismiss with any group.
Students will remain with the same class throughout the day and recess. Starting in sixth grade, Veritas offers an advanced math track. During math class, some students will go to a different classroom. Each desk will be disinfected before and after class.
We highly encourage students to serve the community as we believe this emphasizes a significant part in the makeup of character development. This year, however, due to the pandemic, community service hours will not be required.
Students will be allowed to choose between band and choir options this year. Both classes will maintain proper physical distancing.
On their scheduled PE days, middle students will not dress out. The PE program will comply with Veritas’ cleaning and physical distancing protocols.
At this time, Middle School fall sports are being delayed until late September by our athletic associations. We will reevaluate practice dates and interscholastic competition after the school year begins.
We recognize the importance of our curricular and co-curricular Fine Arts Program. We will resume programming, including the Conservatory of Music. There will be no shared supplies in classrooms. All classes will maintain physical distancing based on CDC Guidelines.
Pedagogy, classroom, and advisory practices will provide greater attention to student mental health and well-being to build resilience and cope with the stress or anxiety students may experience in this pandemic.
We will begin the 2020-21 school year evaluating all our students to identify any existing gaps in their learning. We will make adjustments to ensure any gaps are addressed and student learning stays on track. We were fortunate to keep the curriculum moving forward last spring, and faculty and students continued to make significant progress. In an effort to focus on core classes this year, we have augmented our Math and English classes per grade level. Each class will receive an additional class period per week in our 2020/2021 schedule to attend to any possible gaps by extending instructional time in these crucial subjects.
Ancillary classes will be optional for online students.
To increase physical spacing on campus for our Middle School classes, we have temporarily relocated our Middle School classrooms to spacious areas to comply with physical distancing guidelines.
5th Grade - RLC Tech Lab
6th Grade - RLC Library
7th Grade - New Art Studio
8th Grade - D7 (Mr. Chace’s Room)
Please email Mrs. Delgado at lina.delgado@veritasca.org