Our qualified, energetic, and dedicated faculty is the key to our success. Faculty members bring many special interests, talents and experiences to their work as educators. Out of the classroom, teachers pursue professional development opportunities that challenge them to bring their best to the classroom. With considerable freedom to be innovative, teachers inspire students to think critically, reason logically and express themselves clearly. Veritas seeks faculty who profess Christ as Lord and who are equipped to integrate this faith into their teaching.

Qualified candidates are requested to submit a completed Veritas employment application and email their resume to Human Resources.


Online Application 

Upon submitting the application and questionnaire, please forward your resume to Human Resources.


Veritas Christian Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in administration of its various policies and programs including its hiring policies.

New vacancies are posted below

2018-19 Elementary Teacher
Veritas seeks elementary teacher candidates for the 2018-19 Academic year.
Ideal Candidates will have
  • Understanding pedagogical skills and objectives in a classical, Christian model.
  • Interacting with students, parents, faculty, and administrators with strong interpersonal competency.
  • Articulating the integration of curricular education with biblical spiritual formation and discipleship.
  • Communicating with a high level of self-awareness, compassion, and composure.
  • Positively support the school’s policies and practices and work collaboratively in a professional organization 
Job Requirement
  • An undergraduate and/or master’s degree in a field directly related to teaching in elementary school
Performance Characteristics 
  • Acts with courtesy and kindness to everyone under all circumstances.
  • Able to work under pressure and meet deadlines
  • Display a character of goodwill, winsomeness, and humor
  • Acts with courtesy and kindness to everyone under all circumstances.
2018-19 Orchestra / Choir Teacher
To instruct Elementary and Middle School students in learning to play various musical instruments and prepare the choir program for in-school performances and competitions.

Key Responsibilities
  • Plan for and teach orchestra and choir classes
  • Instruct students in the technical and theoretical aspects of music, conduct rehearsals, and evaluate student performance
  • Coordinate and direct on-campus performances (e.g., seasonal concerts and chapel services)
  • Take students on field trips (e.g., musical presentations, performances, workshops, and competitions)
  • Support other performing arts programs
  • Attends staff development programs, curriculum development meetings, and other professional activities
  • Develops clear and concise instructional lesson plans and organizes class time to provide a balanced program of preparation, instruction, and rehearsal time
  • Experience in directing ensembles
  • General knowledge of other music areas
  • Ability to develop rapport with students
  • Demonstrates excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Embraces the vision of the school and strives for excellence by furthering the mission of Veritas Christian Academy
  • Models a consistent daily walk with Jesus Christ and is a Christian role model in speech, actions, and attitudes, which contributes to the spiritual atmosphere of the school
  • Believes and affirms the school's Statement of Faith
  • Minimum of three years experience
  • A love of students
  • Bachelor Degree in related field, minimum (master's degree preferred)
  • Familiarity with the classical model of education
Performance Characteristics 
  • Acts with courtesy and kindness to everyone under all circumstances
  • Able to work under pressure and meet deadlines
  • Display a character of goodwill, winsomeness, and humor
  • Acts with courtesy and kindness to everyone under all circumstances
  • Communicate at a high-level of self-awareness, interpersonal communication, self-organization, and motivation
  • Dedicated to the idea that educating the heart (character) is equally important to educating the mind
  • Possess positive intent and is tactful
Benefits for Full-Time Employees
  • Health and Dental Insurance Option
  • Tuition Discount 
  • Free After School Care Program for children
  • Retirement / Long Term Disability Insurance
  • Professional Development Days 
  • Conference & Workshop Funds
  • Faculty Council
  • Relocation Stipend
  • Faculty Laptop Purchase Program
Substitute Teacher

Veritas understands the importance of having quality substitute teachers that maintain the high standards even in the absence of a teacher. Therefore, Veritas has implemented a streamlined process for training substitute teachers. Substitute teaching at Veritas is a great way to get your foot in the door to be interviewed for full-time teaching positions. Therefore, we will continue to recruit and accept talented candidates throughout the year.
2017-18 After School Care Aide
Job Description
  • Work hours are 3pm-6pm Monday - Friday during Academic Year
  • To supervise the children at all times, ensuring their well being and safety
  • To recognize needs of children at different stages of development
  • To check the program’s equipment and make sure it is adequate before the program starts 
  • To treat all children with dignity and respect
  • To assist the Coordinator actively in the planning
  • To work with other members of the staff as a team
  • To make sure staff and children leave the location clean and tidy each day
  • To ensure all children are signed in and are signed out by an authorized parent or nominated person
  • Supervising children in groups and individually
  • Escorting children to various activity locations within the program      
  • Helping children to learn appropriate social behaviors

Why Teach at Veritas?



Veritas teachers are empowered to build innovative and enriching curriculum that will change children’s lives. 


Veritas students are enthusiastic learners who seek purpose and excellence. 


Veritas teachers are encouraged to pursue their passions and develop their knowledge through experiences ranging from conferences to travel. 


Students ad teachers have opportunities to build important relationships in an intimate learning environment.


Our teachers and administrators know and care for one another.  


Service, moral integrity, a Christian ethic, and civility are all part of the Veritas experience for teachers and staff as well as students.