Preschool music classes discover many sights and sounds of different musical instruments and styles of music as well as the introduction to several classical composers.  Students explore how music makes them feel and learn rhythm through movement.

Lower School Music
Lower School students are introduced to a variety of orchestral instruments and taught to appreciate classical music through many great classical composers.  Students also perform in  choir and and the honor choir competes in the ACSI Music Festival.  Starting in 3rd grade, students apply music theory by playing the recorder.  As students progress into 4th grade, they begin to focus on music theory and performance by learning to play hand chimes and performing publicly in the hand chime choir at the school and in the community.  

Middle School Band
Beginner Band:  Beginning band is a fun and yet challenging class for Grade 6 to enter the musical world of band and learn the basics of instrumental ensemble.  Concentration is given to intonation, blend, articulation and developing a group mentality.  

Intermediate Band:  Students build upon the foundation laid in beginner band and are challenged to improve individually through their instrument of choice at the beginning level.  Greater concentration and emphasis will be placed on musicality, intonation and improved listening skills. 

2017 Christmas Musical

To access songs for the Christmas Musical click here.